Journalist Ruins Donald Trump's Republican National Convention Surprise. Many Laughs Were Had (By Me).

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Donald Trump has been telling everyone that he has a “big surprise” for them at the Republican National Convention. Trump likes to brag (some might call it compensating for a lack of something else). It’s in his DNA.

  2. A reporter for Salon (and my new hero), Alex Pareene, made an educated guess, saying that Trump would “fire” an Obama impersonator. (Pareene’s reasoning is outlined in the article.)

  3. Trump got upset and attacked Pareene via Twitter, because Trump has no self-control, and nothing says “classy” like lashing out and calling people names on Twitter.

  4. After Trump lashed out, an Obama impersonator, Kevin Michel, posted a picture of himself posing with Trump, along with a caption telling his Facebook friends to “[b]e sure to watch the Republican National Convention.”

Look, I totally understand why Trump was upset. I hear that clowns hate it when you give away the “secrets” of their act. If it makes him feel any better, his little convention sideshow probably isn’t going to be that funny anyway, so ruining the surprise won’t make much of a difference.

Hey, remember that time when President Obama made Trump a national joke? Good times.

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